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Geophysical Site Investigations Overview

STS provides a specialist site investigation service using geophysical methods. These types of subsurface investigations have been widely and successfully employed for many years, primarily in the search for oil and gas deposits, and are becoming increasingly popular in tackling problems associated with geological, engineering and environmental issues.

Recent developments have encouraged the application of these non- intrusive subsurface investigations for civil engineering works; they are able to give extensive coverage of a site for relatively small cost, enabling details of ground structure to be established prior to the use of conventional borehole drilling.

Geological Geophysics

Thickness of overburden

Depth to bedrock

Mapping subsurface lithologies

Stratigraphic studies (erosional surfaces, unconformities, etc)

Geological structures (faults, folds, joints, fissures, etc)

Buried river channels

Groundwater studies (water table detection, groundwater movements, etc)

Mapping mineral, sand and gravel deposits

Sink holes and/or solution cavities

Pipeline route studies

Soil corrosivity

Rock rippability

Engineering Geophysics

Mineworkings, concealed voids/subsidence

Buried mineshafts

Detecting old foundations within derelict sites

Concealed cellars

Service location

Sea defence studies

Environmental Geophysics

Landfill geometry

Leachate Plumes

Buried waste hazards

Buried storage tanks

Explosive Ordnance Detection (EOD) / UXO Surveys

Geophysics involves the measurement of physical properties, usually from the Earth's
surface, to obtain useful information on the structure and composition of the concealed subsurface through comprehensive interpretation of the measured geophysical data. Typical methods include:

Ground/ Surface Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Electromagnetic Inductive Ground Conductivity - Profiling/Mapping

Total Magnetic Field/Magnetic Gradient - Profiling/Mapping

Earth Resistivity Measurement - Imaging/Sounding

Self Potential

VLF - Profiling/Mapping

Seismic Refraction/Reflection - Profiling

Microgravity - Profiling/Mapping

Pipeline Route Investigation

Mineshaft Location

Sea Defence Studies

Landfill Investigations

Ground Penetrating Radar, Location of tanks

Engineering, Environmental & Geophysical Surveys, Consultancy and Investigations.

Structural Load Testing, Concrete Assessment & Testing, Structural Investigations,
Ground (GPR) & Surface (SPR) Penetrating Radar and Vibration Monitoring.

Subsurface Investigations & Surveys, Utility Mapping & Location.

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